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THM began after a couple of sisters (Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison) started searching the Bible for answers to their food questions.  They realized God has created all foods to be received with thanksgiving (1 Timothy 4:4 ).  After years of writing, they self-published a very thick how-to book, which sold far beyond their wildest dreams. This book and subsequent ones, together with the official THM website has helped thousands of women, men and their families, take control of their health and weight.



Professional Organizers teach others the basic principals of creating and maintaining organizational systems. Professional Organizers help clients reduce excessive clutter (paper, books, clothing, shoes, office supplies, home decor items, etc.) in the home or in the office. They attempt to help individuals and business owners take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life. Professional Organizers offer a wide variety of services, from designing a functional closet, to organizing a cross-country move.

My Story

My Name is Trish

I am a Trim Healthy Mama Coach 

I struggled with my health for years – balancing my blood sugar, weight gain, gut health, food sensitivities and candida to name a few.  In the  fall of 2015, I discovered Trim Healthy Mama through a friend, began my journey to health, and continue to eat this way, experiencing  a freedom and sense of well-being I have not had for many years. 

After losing nearly seventy pounds, DH now maintains his trim on this plan. He loves the huge lunches he takes to work, much bigger than before. He can eat cake and ice cream every day for dessert. He could even have cake for breakfast if he wanted!

I live in the Camrose, Alberta area, but am able to help you long distance in many ways. I am excited to be able to share this with others who may be struggling with weight and health issues, a sense of failure and frustration or a lack of self-worth.  You are beautiful, created in God’s image!  Let me help you find that beauty!


I am a Professional Organizer

I grew up in a home where most things were done decently and in order. When I left home I rebelled at some of that order. I was purposely late to church, always sliding into appointments by the seat of my pants. My room was a mess!
I think, because I’m not naturally neat and tidy, I like reading and implementing organizational books. When I first discovered Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley – The Flylady, I read and applied as many of her principles as I could. I was so excited about the transformation in my life, I began meeting with a group of friends for a book study.  They all started organizing their houses too.
I fell in love with Sarah Susanka’s series of books about the Not So Big House, her method of finding storage in unlikely places, and making every square inch count.
The day my friend asked me to help put her massage room in order, was the day I took the first step toward a career in organizing.
I’m excited when I think of applying the principles I have learned through the years, and helping you find your personal comfort zone in the world of tidying up!

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the primary reason many people turn to Trim Healthy Mama. It’s an effective, simple and healthy way to lose weight and gain a trim waistline. Get in touch with me to find out more.



Let Go of the Clutter

Learn how to purge, sort and containerize with simple, tailored-to-you systems for effectively and attractively organizing your home. Working with your individual goals and natural habits, your priorities and personality makes all the difference






 You are Beautiful

The Trim Healthy eating plan promotes a no self-loathing lifestyle. Almost everyone eats off plan foods at times, but the Trim Healthy way is to forgive yourself and eat a delicious, slimming, on-plan meal as soon as possible. In as little as three hours, you can be back on track.



Equipping you

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let go of life’s clutter




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tidy and free.





Helping you find energy, beauty

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healthy eating and organizing.




Bringing healing of

body, mind and soul.



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