Bedrooms can easily become the dumping ground, catch-all for things that have no home or we don’t want to deal with. When guests come, we know they won’t enter our bedroom without express permission or an invitation from us.  This makes us feel it’s a safe place to throw anything we don’t want them to see.

Bedside tables can become crowded with books, magazines, receipts, change, etc. Drawers house outgrown or unloved clothes. One of my friends said her husband thought they didn’t need to go to Banff to see the mountains. They could just go to their bedroom and see the mountains of laundry! When we stuff one more piece of unwanted clothing into our closet or put the socks away in a random, disorderly fashion, we can think, “out of sight, out of mind”. But they are not completely out of our minds.  They are niggling back there and causing a certain restless, anxious feeling.  So, here are a few bedroom organization ideas that can help you keep your bedroom free of clutter, making it a more restful, peaceful place, a place we love to retreat to.

A bedroom may be more than a place to sleep. In a smaller home, it may be the home office, exercise room, or place to read and unwind away from the rest of the world. This room can be used for all of these activities and still provide an oasis in your life.

Each day this week, focus your exclusive attention on your bedroom for fifteen minutes.  You will make great progress and next month I will be back with more bedroom organization ideas.  You could also check out these tips from FlyLady

Before you can designate a space for office use, or find room for a cozy reading nook, you need to get rid of the clutter. Let’s start with all horizontal surfaces – the floor, nightstands, dressers, and chairs. Label several boxes to categorize things; give-away, trash, other room. Make piles of items you want to keep in this room, again categorizing them. These could include clothing for each person who uses this room, office supplies, books, cosmetics, etc.  

If the task feels too overwhelming to tackle on your own, I would love to help you make your bedroom a sanctuary you look forward to entering each evening. Get in touch with me anytime.