As an organizer, it could take me a full day to help you learn some of the great ways to organize your bathroom, depending on the size and also on the amount of things stored there. If you choose to have me help you, click here and I will joyously help you with the project.

If you choose to go it on your own, you can tackle one cupboard at a time, using the fifteen-minute method.  With this approach, attack each cupboard/cabinet separately. Or, you could find great ways to organize your bathroom all at once, expecting to spend several days at it. With this all-or-nothing method, pull everything out of every cupboard, cabinet, nook, and cranny.  Plan for a big mess before it begins to look better.

In a typical bathroom, we bath/shower, we groom ourselves, we store medication and first aid supplies and we often store cleaning supplies. We might also include a hamper to, hopefully, catch some of the clothes that are flung off there every day!  Begin the sorting process by making a list of categories. (see below) Then make a sticky note for each with a well-defined Sharpie, so it’s clearly readable.  Use these labels on containers, boxes or piles.



first aid

cleaning supplies



other room

Pick up each thing in your hand. Ask yourself if this item is vital.  Does it lead to a better experience when using this all-important room?  Does it makes you smile. Then put it in the correct category. If you no longer wish to store it in the bathroom, put it in a discard/donate/or other room box.

The bathroom is a small but mighty room, and it can house many items. Ideas for extra storage when space is at a premium,  might be bins and containers under the sink or using a closet or cupboard just outside the bathroom for towels, etc. Even the hamper can be set just outside the door.

Meds benefit from a dry environment, so consider finding a new home for any pills. Take the time to throw out outdated, used up tubes and bottles.  Check out this link for information on stocking your first aid kit. 

If this is a shared space, you could also consider giving each person a personally designated space. For the littles, think of color-coding towels, toothbrushes, etc. For example, Sarah can have a yellow towel a yellow hook to hang it on, and a yellow toothbrush, Tanner could have a red towel, a red hook to hang it on, and a red toothbrush.  Be on the lookout in the future for more great ways to organize your bathroom.