The porch or deck becomes another room of our house in summer.  The spiders and insects love to make it their home as well.  To create a welcoming and comfortable space, make it a part of your cleaning and tidying routine. Add personal touches with cushions on the furniture, a tasteful plant arrangement, and your favorite chairs.

The entrance is the room in your home that greets you when you first enter.  It can also become the dumping ground for clothing and accessories that don’t have a home, recyclables that need to go out, or items you bought on your last shopping trip.  Use this week to make a difference in the welcome your entrance gives you.  With a tidy entrance, your entire house will extend a warm and friendly invitation to live.

In general, work from ceiling to floor, to avoid dirtying things you have already cleaned. By the end of this week, you should have a clean, tidy space you love to come home to.

Don’t be put off by the long list.  Remember, this is only 15 minutes a day.  Choose the jobs that seem the most important in your entrance and focus your energy and time on them. The rest can wait until next time.

Each day this week set your timer for 15 minutes

and work fast and furiously on

cleaning and organizing the Porch and Entrance.


sweep: cobwebs

wash: light fixtures





Add personal touches – wreaths, plants, welcome sign


On the first day, we pull all clothes, and shoes from every drawer, closet, and locker.

sort into Categories: keep only the things you love

                                  donate outgrown, outdated, or unloved


                                  store for next child

                                   belongs in another room 

                                  return to lender

Wash inside of drawers, closets, and cabinets. Lay new drawer liners.

Organize the “keep” items using baskets in drawers as needed.  Check out this wonderfully tidy way of folding and storing your clothes.

When we’ve sorted the closets and drawers and found homes for everything, we begin cleaning at the top:

dust: ceiling/cobwebs

dust, vacuum or wash window hangings

clean window, sills and frame

wash/dust: light fixtures




                closet doors and outside door


               vacuum/wash floor including closets

Add personal touches – a bench to sit on, a lamp to come home to on a dark evening, an umbrella stand and a mirror.