Autumn – Family Room Time

As autumn takes hold of our country, we spend more time in our living rooms.  These family areas can be the coziest, most loved room in the house.  Often they are also the messiest and most chaotic, so let’s take action.  Here are some organizing tips for the living room.

There are so many activities that take place here.  We use ours for reading, sitting by the fire, and as an office.  We also entertain here, and there is an extra table for large craft projects.  Children like to have their projects and toys in the living room, because this is where the action is and they want to be part of it.  It’s the place where homework gets done and certainly where games are played.

With all this action happening in one room, we need to designate areas for different activities.  This is the first step toward making it a more peaceful place.  Brainstorm a list of all this room’s pastimes, using the above ideas as a jumping-off place.  Decide where each of these activities most naturally occurs.  Use the old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.  It in other words, what is working in this room? Keep it that way.  Only work on changing the things that are frustrating you or causing chaos in this room.


Books and reading are often an important part of a living room.  Consider dedicating a day or several days, to collecting books from every single room in your house. Bring them all into one place.  Get boxes for the usual categories: trash, give away, keep.

Pick up each book and ask yourself whether it makes you smile.  Did you read it once and you won’t read it again?  Do you hope to read it someday?  Is it an old faithful friend, a part of you because of the many times you’ve reread it?   If you have very many books and you are emotionally attached to them for various reasons, making these decisions can take some time.  Don’t despair.  As you purge, your room becomes a more calming oasis, the way it is meant to be. As a result, you are once again surrounded by only the things you love best.


After sorting through every book,  make a plan for storing and displaying them to their best advantage.  Check out this blog for some awesome tips.

Each week of the month is dedicated to organizing, decluttering, tidying and cleaning one room of the house.  Check out my other blog posts for more inspiration.  Stay posted for more organizing tips for the living room next month.