Here you can find out some of the many reasons the Trim Healthy plan is great. Some things take time and others you will enjoy nearly instantaneously.

Healthier Hair, Nails and Skin

Many foods eaten on this plan include collagen and gelatin. These contribute to longer, shinier hair, longer, stronger fingernails and healthier skin.


Sugar and unhealthy carbs are given the boot on this plan. Instead, those eating this way are actually eating MORE food, while successfully losing weight. Consequently, they discover they have more energy and less hunger.

And More

Other health benefits you can expect include improvement in hormone balance, gut health, blood sugar balance, blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few.

No More Numbers

Counting is out. You have the freedom to listen to your body and take in what it needs. No more time consuming, annoying calorie counting or recording of points. Hurrah!

Maintain Your Trim

When you reach goal weight, you’ll love the fact that maintaining it by eating healthfully is super simple and oh so delicious! You can even gain weight on this plan if that is your motive!

Delicious Food

There are many delicious on-plan foods, including desserts, and some of them are an even better version of something your family ate before starting THM.

Every Food Group

THM embraces all the food groups. Do you ADORE bacon? Bacon is in. Love bread? Bread with all it’s comforting goodness is in, too. So is butter. And rice. And cheesecake. And chocolate. And veggies. And fruit. Something from EVERY food group is part of the scheme.

Support Groups

Being Trim Healthy means you’re absolutely NOT alone! There is the main, official THM Facebook group, plus other official and unofficial groups, an online forum and local, in-person groups that you can rely on to cheer you along your journey.

Family Table

You don’t have to cook one thing for yourself and another for your family. Most THM friendly recipes are good and delicious for the whole family! Plus you can pass on the desire and how-to of healthy eating to your children.

 You are Beautiful

The Trim Healthy eating plan promotes a no self-loathing lifestyle. Almost everyone eats off plan foods at times, but the Trim Healthy way is to forgive yourself and eat a delicious, slimming, on-plan meal as soon as possible. In as little as three hours, you can be back on track.

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