An organized home is not necessarily a perfect home. In fact, if it was, few of us would attain. Order is, in part,  knowing where your things are and getting out the door on time. But true freedom lies in doing these things within a system personalized for you.

A Way of Life

You can no longer afford not to be organized.  It’s a survival skill.  In our rapid paced environment, those who are organized will thrive.


Cleaning out the clutter miraculously releases creative energy in you.  There are place your eyes can rest where there is no stuff.  Your spirit finds a home where you can spend your waking hours in peace.


 When we de-clutter, we spend less time taking care of our things and have more time for the important things, like living.

Speed Strategies

You can master strategies that speed up and simplify the organizing process, so you are able to reach the finish line, not lose courage halfway there.

Stop the Lies

You probably are not lazy, sloppy or incompetent.  So quit listening to those lies about yourself.  Begin to have hope and know that as you ask for help, you are a smart, motivated person, ready to move forward with enthusiasm.


When you let go of your clutter you experience relief and release physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What's Holding You Back?


Do you live or work with a messy person? Maybe you inherited a lot of things when your elderly parent downsized.  Or you are personally moving to a smaller place.  Are you going through a major transition in your life?  Career change? Retirement? 


A screw that needs tightening?  Things don’t have a home? The place where they belong is inconvenient? 


Maybe you’re unsure of what you want? Are you afraid to fail? (But what if you fly?) Do you feel the need to surround yourself with abundance? Maybe the space you are working in has bad memories associated with it? What about things you are holding onto for sentimental reasons? Maybe you’re a perfectionist – if I can’t do it right, I won’t even start?

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