Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Trim Healthy plan family and (reluctant) husband friendly?
  • We all know we need to take care of ourselves first in order to be the best possible help and example to our loved ones. The first step in this new lifestyle is to make delicious on-plan food for yourself. Offer it to your family, but if they’re not interested, make traditional food for them, and the THM version for yourself.
  • One of the easiest ways to make this plan work for everyone is make your favorite recipes THM friendly.
    If you are unsure about their reactions, it might be best not to mention this new plan you’re are on, just quietly start introducing them to the new versions of old recipes, and trying new dishes occasionally.
  • If you don’t force this eating plan on your family, often times they will “come around” to your way of eating when they begin to see the changes in your health – loss of weight, more energy, less mood swings, etc.
Is Trim Healthy Mama easy to do, in all honesty?
  • With THM you learn as you go. You can expect times when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated in trying to understand the different types of meals.This is not a crash diet, but a way to make sustainable, life-long changes in the way you eat and think about food.
  • After awhile it becomes second nature and it’s difficult to remember how you used to cook or how other foods taste. If you stick with it, you will fall in love with it.
  • After awhile it becomes second nature and it’s difficult to remember how you used to cook or how other foods taste. If you stick with it, you will fall in love with it.
What if I don't like cooking?
  • There are lots of quick, easy recipes, that don’t take a lot of time to prepare. There are “franken foods” which can help ease the time spent in your kitchen.
  • The book gives lots of options for ‘Drive Thru Sue’ who is on the run and doesn’t have a lot of kitchen time.
Do I need to buy all kinds of special ingredients to make this plan work?
  • The recipe book is full of breakfast, lunch and supper ideas which use ordinary ingredients you will find in your pantry or local grocery store. If you love your sweets, one of the first purchases you will want to make is stevia or a stevia blend, so you can make the delicious desserts you are about to enjoy!
  • This is more about a concept, than about certain ingredients.
Is THM gluten-free friendly?
  • Many of the foods in the recipe book are made without gluten.
  • The baking mix is gluten-free.
  • Some of the breads that are plan friendly are made with sprouted grain or sour dough. These items can simply be omitted.
Is this plan expensive? Can I do it on a budget?
  • There is a chapter in the book about how to do this on a budget, and Serene and Pearl (the founders of THM) are the first to tell you they started this when they were on a very tight income with large families. It can be done!
  • There are many mamas who do the plan very inexpensively.
  • The concept is more about how you formulate your meals than about using unique ingredients.
Can I do this plan if I have allergies such as nuts or dairy?
  • One woman says she bought the book, not to lose weight, but because she can use many of the recipes despite her different allergies.
  • You can adapt these recipes just like you adapt other recipes, substitute coconut or almond milk for dairy, or use the frugal flour option, if you are allergic to almonds (THM baking mix contains almonds flour)
Can I eat at restaurants if I am on the Trim Healthy plan?
  • Trim Healthy Mama has a no self-loathing policy. Most people choose to eat off plan foods now and then but the Trim Healthy Mama way is to forgive, forget and eat a delicious on plan meal as soon as you are able.
  • A slimming Trim Healthy Mama meal is always only three hours away from a cheat or a mishap.
  • Eating out doesn’t have to mean you’ll cheat. There are delicious options to choose from at every restaurant that will allow you to stay on plan.
  • After you have been on plan for awhile, the healthy choices will come more easily. Your body is balanced and so doesn’t crave, but also you begin to realize how some of your former go-to foods are actually not food at all. You don’t want to eat them.
What if I don't have time? What if I'm too busy?
  • Serene and Pearl designed this plan to be infused into the chaos and craziness we all call life. They know women feel overwhelmed at times with their list of to-dos. Spending hours in the kitchen in order to achieve a healthy waistline and nourish a family is not possible for most of us. Trim Healthy Mama is applying nutritional common sense in a doable manner.
  • If you want to do this, you can make it work. It’s a commitment but when your health and the health of your family is on the line, you decide whether you can afford not to do this.
  • There are many women, home-schoolers with large families, including Serene and Pearl, who make this work for themselves.
What if I need to gain weight or am at goal weight? Is there any advantage to being on this plan?
  • No matter what weight you are, being healthy and balancing your blood sugar is always the right thing to do. It takes care of so many health issues that may plague you now or in the future.
  • Trim Healthy Mama addresses how to maintain or even gain weight in a healthy, nourishing way that’s totally suitable for kids, husbands, or mamas. The adaptability of the plan makes it easy to apply the weight loss principles for some and the gain or maintenance principles for others, all within the same meal.

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